Contractor’s Qualification Statement


1.1 Number of years in business as a Contractor: 27 years

1.2 Number of years in business under present name: 27 years

1.2.1 Tegrus Construction Co., Inc.

1.3 Information on Incorporated business:

1.3.1 Date of organization: July 6, 1987

1.3.2 State of Incorporation: Texas

1.3.3 President: David R. Thomas

1.3.4 Vice President: Glen I. Schoech

1.3.5 Secretary: Barbara D. Schoech

1.3.6 Treasurer: John C. Thomas


1.1 Jurisdictions in which organization is legally qualified to do business: Texas

2.1 Jurisdiction in which trade name is filed: Texas


3.1 Categories of work that organization normally performs with its own forces:

Construction Management

Engineering and Layout

Supervision and Quality Control

Carpentry Rough and Finish

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems

3.2 Claims and Suits:

3.2.1 Has your organization ever failed to complete any work awarded to it: NO

3.2.2 Are there any judgments, claims arbitration proceedings or suits pending or outstanding against organization or its officers: NO

3.2.3 Has organization filed any lawsuits or requested arbitration with regards to construction within the last five years: NO

3.3 Within the last five years, has any officer or
principal or organization ever been an officer or principal of
another organization when it failed to complete a construction contract: NO

3.6 Key Individuals:

David R. Thomas – President – Graduate from West Texas A&M

Glen I. Schoech – Vice President – Graduate from Texas A&M Commerce

Bill Smith – Senior Estimator & Project Manager – Graduate from Texas A&M

Royce Weaver – Estimator – Graduate from Texas A&M

Bob Clinger – Marketing/Manager – Graduate from Southern Methodist University


4.3.1 Name of Bonding Company

Mid-Continent Casualty Company Oklahoma Surety Company

Tulsa, Oklahoma

4.3.2 Name of Agent:

PCL Contract Bonding Agency

Dallas, Texas